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Corneal molding is a non-surgical treatment option for people suffering from mild to moderate nearsightedness or astigmatism.

Corneal molding offers a legitimate alternative to laser vision correction for many people. This procedure uses specially designed contact lenses which are prescribed to reshape the surface of the cornea and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or regular contact lenses.

Corneal molding treatment involves changing the curvature of the cornea by temporarily molding its shape using a gas permeable contact lense. The central portion of the lense is closer to the eye than a standard contact lense exerting a gentle pressure. The other part of the lense surrounds the central visual zone and is father away from the cornea allowing room for the cornea to change shape. By changing the curvature of your cornea this treatment refocuses light onto your retina resulting in clear vision. Corneal molding is completely reversible and non-invasive. If you stop wearing the molds, your cornea will return to its original shape.

In the past, the only FDA approved corneal molding systems were worn during the day and proved to be very safe and effective. More recently the FDA has approved the latest in corneal molding technology with the overnight lense that works for the eyes in the similar way as dental retainers work for teeth.

Make life without glasses or contact lenses a reality. Talk to your eye care professional today. And find out if corneal molding is right for you.